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What is SASS Where should you start learning?

Curious friends, you need to know CSS before learning what Sass is.

Because Sass, for us, the structures with node.js and .scss extensions are ultimately.It converts it to CSS output. We apply this method with the help of a line of code. We can do the same with the help of converters.

Most Popular SASS-CSS converters;

  • Koala

  • Scout-App

  • SimpLess

  • Sassmeister

  • TheSassWay

  • Compass

  • Prepros

We now know that what the converters do is to convert it to the browser's understandable format, namely .css format.

What is Sass needed for ?

Imagine a beautiful website, html alone will not be enough to make this site. We will need to write the styles with CSS. As we build the pages of a beautiful project, our CSS file grows larger, more complex and harder to maintain. That's exactly where a CSS preprocessor will come in handy.

Using Sass we; we can use features that are not in CSS like variables, nested rules, mixins, import, inheritance, built-in functions, and more.

Popular Css preprocessors like Sass include;
  • LESS

  • Stylus

  • PostCSS

Technologies such as Less, Stylus, and PostCSS, just like SASS, come to the aid of the style files that swell as we write websites.

History of Sass Is it a new technology?

SASS is a dynamic format template language that can be compiled to CSS format. Originally designed by Hampton Catlin and by Natalie Weizenbaum

It was programmed in 2006. Vikipedi

Designed by : Hampton Catlin

Do you know the release year of Sass ?

  • 0%2002

  • 0%2006

  • 0%2020

  • 0%1998

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