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Hiring 101: How to Hire the Best Talent for Your Company

Today I will give you information about what hiring is, how to do it and how to be successful. Hiring means selecting and hiring people who are suitable for a job or project. Hiring is a very important process for both the employer and the employee. Because with the right hiring, both the employer finds people who have the competencies they need, and the employee finds the opportunity to work in a suitable job and environment. So, how can we do a good hiring?

Hiring is recruıtment done rıght ?

How to Make a Successful Hiring Process?

Here are some tips for you:

Determine your needs well. Before hiring, clearly define what qualifications, skills and experience you need for which position. This will help you write your ad more effectively and evaluate the applicants more easily. Also, when determining your needs, pay attention not only to technical competencies, but also to social skills such as personality, attitude, motivation, adaptation, communication. Because these skills directly affect the employee’s performance and commitment to work.

Get to know the candidates well. In the hiring process, have face-to-face or online interviews with the candidates. In these interviews, ask the candidates about their past experiences, achievements, goals, expectations, strengths and weaknesses, interests, hobbies, values, visions, etc. Evaluate the candidates not only according to their CVs, but holistically. Check their references to verify what they told you. Also, give the candidates practical tests or simulations related to the job. This is a good method to see how the candidates behave and solve problems in real situations.

Welcome the candidates well. In the hiring process, be friendly, respectful and professional towards the candidates. Explain clearly to the candidates how the recruitment process works, how long it will take, what stages they will go through, what kind of evaluations will be made, when they will be returned, etc. Give the candidates accurate and clear information about the job, company, culture, team, working conditions, salary, benefits, career opportunities, etc. Answer the candidates’ questions patiently and explanatory. Give feedback to the candidates during the recruitment process. Make sure the candidates leave the interviews satisfied. Remember, the candidates are not your customers, but your business partners.

Choose the candidates well. In the hiring process, be objective, fair and transparent when evaluating the candidates. Choose the candidates according to your recruitment criteria and company vision. Also consider the candidates’ potentials, development areas and learning desires. Choose the candidates not only according to your own opinion, but also based on the opinions of your team members and other relevant people. Choose the candidates not only according to their suitability for the job, but also according to their suitability for the culture. Choose the candidates not only according to their current situation, but also according to their future performance. Hiring is an art and a science. Doing a good hiring is very important for both your and your company’s success. Therefore, approach the hiring process seriously, carefully and creatively. And remember, when hiring, you touch not only a job, but a life.

I hope this blog post has been useful for you. See you in my next post, goodbye. 😊

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