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Flowers of Skeleton

Güncelleme tarihi: 3 Şub 2023

The Flowers of Hope Skeleton collection is a work created by Bilapilap, who wants to make many works in the field of art and technology. This collection represents the first birth of the Flowers of Hope collection and there are only 20 of them. These flowers show the primaries of the flowers in the Flowers of Hope artwork and are sold for 0.1 ETH each. This collection was created to bring hope into people's lives. The name of this collection is "Flowers of Hope Skeleton".

Very Unique

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Flowers of Hope - General Story of the Flowers of Hope:

At a time when emotions succumbed to anxiety, humanity's frightening search in the universe has led to the creation of this collection. Each flower in the work, by its very nature, contains hope and emotion. This work, which remains in society, will show that emotions or materialist concerns are considered important by the choice of people.


Flowers Of Hope Bağlantıları

Collection's Web3 Site (You can connect with your wallet and make purchases)

Collection's Rarible Address

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Flowers of hope skeleton is a wonderful synthesis of art and technology. In this special collection, there are works of art presented as a new generation gift in today's world where normal flowers are getting old. That's why, At the same time, Flowers of hope skeleton are unique and irreversible NFT artworks stored digitally. That's why the Flowers of hope skeleton is not only considered a work of art, but also an investment tool.

We, as Bilapilap, present this collection to you and want to emphasize the importance of being hopeful.

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